Boxed colour vs professional colour – who wins?

While most clients are ready to pay top dollar for a trendy haircut, they will always opt for a boxed colour instead of a professional hair colour. Here’s everything you need to know before picking up that box.

Buttery blonde or a smoking copper, several factors need to be considered to make the perfect hair colour. Although a boxed hair colour can be your go-to to save time and money, it can wreck havoc with your hair in the long run.

One size doesn’t fit all
One person might need a 3 per cent developer, while another might need an 8 per cent, but the effect will be immensely different. “Boxed colours are mass produced and there is no differentiation in the volume of developer. All you have to do is mix two things, create a colour and put it on, without a second thought. A professional hairstylist, on the other hand, will always check your hair first and adjust the volume accordingly. He/she will match your roots and the length of hair. In the process, the colour and the volume will be adjusted by mixing different colours to create the best shade,” explains Coleen Khan, celebrity hairstylist and founder, Coleen’s Hair & Beauty.

Colouring technique
Colouring the hair at home while leaning over the wash basin isn’t always a good idea. It can cause hair damage on a whole new level. “Although boxed colours are cheap, it takes double the money to fix the damage done. While trying to cover greys, especially, one needs to know that the brush has to glide only on the grey strands and not the rest of the hair. Secondly, not many know when to stop applying the hair colour,” points out Coleen.

Out of control
The hair colour on the box might fuel dreams of cocoa brown locks, but they’ll go from rich to straw-like in no time. Courtesy – the danger of porosity. “A major side effect of boxed hair colour is that the ‘ammonia’ in ‘ammonia-free’ is replaced with another chemical, which is worse than ammonia. In addition, they also contain metallic salts that leave a coating similar to henna. It is a daunting task to strip it out,” shares Coleen. 

Ditch the box
The inexpensive boxed colour is sure to cost more than expected, including the corrective service. The price of salon colour is certainly higher than that of boxed colour because it comprises intensive R&D, superlative technique and application skill. Although professional colour has ammonia, it can be adjusted and customised according to the client’s hair to minimise the effect. What’s more, salon colour comes in a myriad hues and coverage options. Spoilt for choice here, aren't we?

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