Say a ‘flat’ no to monsoon hair

Monsoon is a time when your hair has a mind of its own – thanks to the inevitable humidity. Take heart, as we dish out five quick, effortless, voluminous and hairstyles for you. Don't let monsoon hair dampen your oomph factor.

Messy pony
For a flattering messy pony, start with dry shampoo at the root and tease the hair in the crown for lift. Alternatively, you can also backcomb the crown with a wide-toothed comb. Using a boar bristle brush, gather and scoop the hair into a ponytail. Finish off with a sea salt spray for added texture to the body of the pony, and serum to smooth any flyaways.

Undone bun
A messy bun works just fine to achieve a comfortable yet sexy look. Weave in a printed fabric, a side headband or floral hair bun accessory for a bohemian touch. Top secret: Twist damp or dry hair up on top of your head when you go to bed. You’ll be surprised to see a fuller head of hair in the morning.

Windblown bouffant

This style is all about the dishevel! It’s the classic ‘done to look undone’ look – a proof that relaxed, wearable hair can still be super glamorous, but with more of a rock ’n’ roll edge. Take a portion of your hair above the forehead and clip it with a little puff in a bouffant style. Tie the rest of your into a ponytail, twist it around and stick it in with a U-pin.Note:Updos are more manageable on day-old hair, as it can be manipulated with ease.

Over the top
Apt for all the Rapunzels before stepping out into the downpour, a top knot is not just easy and stylish, at the same time it will also minimise the amount of rainwater that reaches your tresses. Plus, it will draw attention to your glowing face.

Braid upgrade

Perfect for bad hair days, a braided crown will keep fuzziness at bay. Getting late for a meeting? Braid the crown area on one side and pin it up. Grabbing all the hair on one side and plaiting it up is something you can do on-the-go. Accessorise that chic boho braid hairstyle with neon bobby pins or ropes. If braiding looks like an effort, a side ponytail wrapped in black leather binding will help to create a stiff bending shape that works as a perfect solution to monsoon frizz.

Pump up the volume

1. A natural boar bristle brush or flexible nylon brush causes lesser damage than a hard bristle brush.

2. Salvage oily roots in between washes with a good dry shampoo. It’ll instantly refresh your hair.

3. Create the illusion of additional volume with the right highlights.

4. Wash your hair at least twice a week to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Do not tie your hair when it is wet, as damp hair is a hotbed for bacteria.

5.Invest in a volumisingspray for that enviable bounce.


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