Hairdressers up their game with advanced courses

Once you’ve ventured into the field of hairdressing, it’s crucial to upgrade yourself every single day. While you learn a lot on the salon floor, you also need to improve your technical know-how. That's where advanced training courses come into the picture. They equip you with all the technical and business skills using the latest learning tools. “Training is an ongoing process for hairdressers in order to be at the edge in the market. Every client has a different set of demands and in order to cater to those, it is important for a hairdresser to keep learning new things. An advanced training course helps to break the monotony and keep the excitement in hairdressing alive,” highlights Najeeb Ur RehmanPPS Director, Schwarzkopf Professional, Henkel Beauty Care India.

ASK Academy by Schwarzkopf Professional

Out of the 19 courses offered at ASK Academies all over India, six are advanced training courses. The Colour Coach is a two-day course for colour. The Colour Correction is an advanced colour course, which equips a stylist for colour change and any issues regarding the previous colour. The BC Expert Therapist comprises hair spa education for hairdressers, My Collection includes signature cut and colour education by an expert. The Igora Royal Master is a 10-day program for anyone who aspires to be an advanced colour expert. Essential Looks, a bi-annual trend collection, takes its inspiration from international runways. 

The USP: All the advanced courses are ASK-certified, designed internationally and specially for professional hairdressers, keeping in mind their time constraints and other limitations.

BBLUNT Academy by BBLUNT Salons
The courses at the BBLUNT academy are delivered with passion and years of expertise. “The hairdressing industry in India is one of the fastest growing in the world. We are proud to be at the cutting edge,” affirms BBLUNT’s Founder and Creative Director, Adhuna Bhabani.

BBLUNT’s Advanced Course is structured to help hairdressers achieve their personal best. The curriculum of BBLUNT’s advanced training course includes cut and colour demonstrations, striking model presentations and closely guided work sessions. The work is undeniably fashion forward, sometimes edgy, even extreme, and fun in its creative, experimental attitude.

The USP:The course is highly interactive and encourages hairdressers to seek help, ask questions and make the most of the BBLUNT talent pool. 

At the SVJ Academy, Seema V Jerajani brings her decades of experience to empower aspiring hairdressers to discover and foster their own technical and creative abilities. The academy has three courses – The Fundamental and Bridal Style focuses on styling hair and creating everything from loose waves to elaborate updos. The Current Trends and Fashion is the second levelIt's perfect for qualified hairdressers who want to upgrade their styling skills. The third-level Editorial and Avant Garde Masterclass boasts modern, structured, editorial hairstyles using various tools and techniques. “Hairstyling is much more than just tonging or blow drying. In my courses, I teach everything from tying a simple ponytail to the advanced techniques. I believe that teaching a technique is much more important than teaching a particular upstyle – the former broadens your scope to experiment,” stresses Seema.

The USP:Seema V Jerajani is known for her innate ability to connect and inspire her students. She guarantees that she can transform anyone into a seasoned hairstylist.