Vinu Kripalani launches Derma Esthetic, the first permanent make-up training academy in Bandra, Mumbai

Vinu Kripalani, a skincare guru and acclaimed educator with almost 4 decades of experience recently launched her flagship permanent make-up training academy Derma Esthetic in the heart of Bandra.

Vinu started her skincare training in the UK in 1979 and has over 38 years of experience in the industry. Her skincare clinic in Bandra has been known as the hub for personalised skincare and hair care services for decades now. She was also the first one to introduce permanent make-up in India, after a brief stint in France and Germany.

After years of practising permanent make-up at her clinic that includes a clientele of top models and celebrities, Vinu recently launched Derma Esthetic, a permanent make-up training school that provides the most comprehensive and first-of-its-kind in India training program that clearly demonstrates safety and sanitation, colour theory and techniques allowing trainees to achieve the effects of hair simulation, soft and natural powdery finishes on eyebrows and various styles of eye liner.

At the academy, students will be trained by Vinu herself, for 3 days certified course that will equip the trainees to learn how to design and create a complete a full eyebrow look using permanent make-up. Students will receive hands-on and practical experience that will set them apart to start or build their career in this billion dollar industry. The courses are designed to help students learn how to determine their clients’ skin type and treatment required to make their experience impactful and a positive one.

The courses are ideal for beauticians looking to upgrade their skills, doctors, dermatologists or even a novice who wants to start a career in the beauty industry.  

In a statement, a thrilled Vinu stated, “In India, there aren’t many beauty schools that provide over-all training for beauticians, including how to get and keep a job and upgrade their existing skills. I’m stoked to introduce my beauty school that along with teaching permanent make-up, will work on empowering women to get better jobs, enhance their skills or even work independently. Through our dedicated training centre, we’re hoping to develop the next generation of elite permanent cosmetic artists.”

About Vinu Kripalani:

Vinu started her training in the UK in 1979 and attended specialist courses/training programs in different aspects of skin care, hair care and specialised long-lasting make-up techniques across France and Germany. She’s also a qualified trainer and was the first to complete her Teacher’s Training to E U standards.

It is Vinu’s unique ability to combine her technical knowledge with varied skin types across continents, to prescribe customised, result-oriented skin care solutions that work better than anything else. This inimitable ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd has led to her distinctive reputation as a leader in skin solutions. Her methods are refreshingly different. Not only does she creates a personalised solution for each client, but also educates her clients on how to prevent and correct their specific problems.

Vinu looks at least 10 years younger than her age, and is an excellent advertisement for her skills in skin care.

For more information, photos or to schedule an interview or course enquiries, please contact +91 98192 22371 or +022 2640 1008